Twitter Finally Adds “Edit Tweet” Button: What It Means For You

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The most significant update to Twitter since the microblogging service’s widespread acceptance as a venue for exchanging information—even by governments—is the ability to modify tweets. According to Twitter’s latest announcement, the edit button will be made available to Twitter Blue users in the near future.


What Is the Plan?

Tweets can be edited for up to 30 minutes after they’ve been posted by clicking the edit button.
A label, time stamp, and icon will be added to the published tweet to indicate that it has been revised. By clicking the tweet, Twitter users can examine the history of edits to the content.

More than 320 million people use Twitter monthly, and many of them have asked for the ability to make changes to tweets after they’ve been published. Despite users’ persistent pleas, Twitter steadfastly refuses to provide this feature.

In an interview with Recode in 2012, then-Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey indicated that the firm will “probably never” offer the “edit tweet” option because it could contribute to the spread of disinformation.
Many tech enthusiasts agreed with him, thinking that Twitter’s genuineness lies in the fact that each user may only publish once and must delete rather than amend if their stance on a topic or position shifts.

Some professionals in the field of information technology have voiced concerns that an “edit tweet” button may be used to retract claims after they have been retweeted or endorsed by others.

The edit button joins Twitter Blue’s other related feature, the undo button, that lets users cancel sending a tweet for up to 30 seconds after hitting the send button.

My Opinion?

According to the tweet made earlier today by Twitter, it is believed that an edited tweet will include the “Edited Tweet” inscription.

As of now, this hasn’t been totally rolled out yet, only a few users would stumble on it as it is still under testing.

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