Top 10 Chrome Extensions to 3x Productivity in 2022

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Google Chrome has dominated the global market for years. As of December 2021, Statista found that 66.6% of the world uses Chrome. You’re probably reading this in Chrome.
However, adding an extension from Chrome’s online store can boost your productivity.

Here are some of the top 10 Chrome extensions to boost productivity for students, full-time workers, and freelancers.

Clockify — for tracking time

Time tracking and productivity chrome extension

What is Clockify?

Clockify is a time-tracking tool that, with a simple click at the beginning of the day, allows you to properly track your activity across apps and the web. The extension further simplifies the process, so making things easier.
There is no need to use the Clockify app or visit the website; simply start the timer from the extensions bar and begin your day.

Why should I use Clockify?

  • Organize time entries; Input descriptions; 
  • Sort time entries by projects/tasks; and Input descriptions.
  • Analyze your daily activities and 
  • Export the results as a PDF.

In addition, Clockify’s base plan is completely free for an infinite number of users, while advanced plans offer access to additional services for a reasonably cheap monthly fee.

Google Keep — for note-keeping

Best Chrome extension screenshot: Google Keep

What is Google Keep?

Google Keep is a great Chrome plugin for storing and organising all of your info. Its major role is to help you build to-do lists and take notes, but you can also store images and web pages and add notes to them.
Additionally, you can take notes by recording voice memos that are then transcribed.

Why use Google Keep?

If you frequently save a big number of notes and frequently switch between jobs, Google Keep’s colour-coding system will be of great assistance to you; you can always find what you need.

Additionally, all of your data can be synchronised between devices if the app is loaded.

Grammarly — for grammar and spell-checking


What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a programme that possesses the most comprehensive knowledge of grammar, as well as Spell-checking capabilities, Advanced suggestions, Clarity fixes, and Style modifications.

At some time, every student in the modern era has either heard of or utilised Grammarly.

The extension follows you on the majority of websites with text fields and begins running as soon as you begin typing.

Why should I use Grammarly?

  • Spell-checking capabilities, 
  • Advanced suggestions, 
  • Clarity corrections, and 
  • Style adjustments.

Grammarly is a wonderful tool for everyone, including students, instructors, journalists, and office employees. 

It can drastically save your typing time, improve your general writing skills, and allow you to write an essential email without anxiety.

Todoist — for task management

Best Chrome extension screenshot: Todoist

What is Todoist?

The Todoist Chrome plugin is a straightforward yet effective task manager. It allows you to track your projects, and organise and delegate your work right from Chrome.
With Todoist, you’ll never miss a deadline again – add due dates, set reminders, and develop productive habits with the recurring-date feature.

Why should I use Todoist?
You may colour-code your tasks, establish sub-groups and sub-projects, and truly control your daily workload in order to maximise every second of your time.
In addition, you can use the plugin to cooperate with others, prioritising projects and assigning tasks to coworkers in a convenient manner.

AdBlock — for blocking ads


What is AdBlock?

This extension runs in the background and prevents all the unwanted advertisements and pop-ups that appear when you visit websites such as YouTube and Facebook. 

It will do it automatically, and you don’t need to do anything; simply let it do its work.

If your daily responsibilities require you to conduct some online research, you understand how aggravating it can be to find what you’re looking for, only to be confronted with a barrage of advertisements and sponsored films.

That’s where AdBlock comes to the rescue.

Why should I use AdBlock?

In addition to allowing you to concentrate on your job, AdBlock will protect you by identifying and blocking malware and harmful websites.

Hypercontext — for business collaboration


What is Hypercontext?

Hypercontext is a software that enables over 100,000 managers and their teams to be high-performing by combining the following:

  • Quarterly priorities, 
  • Weekly meetings, and 
  • Engagement measures.

Why use Hypercontext?

Build collaborative meeting agendas for one-on-one, team, and cross-functional meetings with Hypercontext.
Access hundreds of topic starters, and hold each participant accountable for contributing comments in every meeting.
With the free Chrome extension, you can add items to your meeting agenda from any tab, manage your agendas and steps via Google Calendar, and use your agenda directly in Google Meet.

LastPass — for managing passwords


What is LastPass?

The majority of us store all of our passwords in Google accounts. 

But what happens if you forget your Google password?

Here is where LastPass comes in.

LastPass can also be used to store insurance card credentials, passport details, forms, and addresses, in addition to passwords.

Why should I use LastPass?

The software of LastPass excels in monitoring and securing your data, protecting you from malware, and even notifying you if your saved data is at risk from third parties.
In addition, it generates secure passwords and suggests ways to strengthen current ones.

Noisli — for work/study relaxation

Best Chrome extension screenshot: Noisli

What is Noisli?

Noisli is one of those Chrome extensions built expressly to increase productivity.
To improve your ability to concentrate on the task at hand, you need only select the sound combination that inspires you the most.

This can be the sound of:

  • A falling rain, 
  • A storm, 
  • Coffee shop chatter, 
  • Wood noises, 
  • Fire crackling, 
  • White noise, 
  • Wind, and 
  • Crickets, and more. 

Why should I use Noisli?

Noisli is particularly handy if you work in an open office where background noises can be distracting. Simply turn on the extension, select the desired sound combo, and put on your headphones.
In addition, Noisli allows you to break your work sessions into blocks, so preventing burnout and allowing you to complete your responsibilities on schedule.

The list of sounds is extremely large, and any number of sounds can be combined.

Nimbus — for screenshots and screen video recording


What is Nimbus?

Nimbus is the ideal answer for those who spend a great deal of time exploring the Internet, conducting research, and acquiring information. This tool allows you to take screenshots and screencasts, as well as webcam and video clips.
Nimbus is designed to fulfil all your demands, despite the fact that most operating systems include a screenshot utility. It lets you:

  • Trim and crop,
  • Edit and annotate,
  • Convert videos into MP4 or GIF,
  • Share the results online, and
  • Customize videos — resolution and refresh rate.

Why should I use Nimbus?

In addition to its editing prowess, Nimbus interacts with other popular programmes, including Google Drive, Dropbox, YouTube Premium, and Google Classroom, allowing you to submit and share your work immediately.

ClickUp — for task management, note-taking, and overall productivity


What is ClickUp?

ClickUp is an all-in-one productivity app designed to handle your everyday tasks, complex projects, and even the entire workflow of your business. Teams of all sizes and in any industry rely on ClickUp’s robust customization capabilities and feature-rich experience to streamline processes, manage tasks, and interact more effectively, regardless of the project style.

ClickUp also includes six of the most dynamic capabilities in its free Chrome extension, which can be accessed with a single click from nearly anywhere. With this extension, you can quickly create a new task or save a website to a task, track time, capture and annotate screenshots, connect emails to tasks, and write limitless notes directly in your Chrome browser.

Why should I ClickUp?

One of the greatest benefits of ClickUp’s Chrome Extension is that it’s directly connected to your Workspace — meaning every action you take with the extension is automatically added to the platform in real time. Whether you’re taking notes, editing screenshots, or creating tasks, ClickUp’s Chrome Extension will boost productivity by eliminating the need to open, close, or click between tabs as you work.

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